Should children wear face masks due to COVID-19?


The New Normal:

The last few months have brought some radical changes in our lifestyles. The New normals have been defined and we have been compelled to revisit our actions. We all have been trying our best to adapt to the new guidelines ruling our lives in this COVID era. While sanitizers and face masks have become our constant companions, social distancing is something we need to comply with, even in the longer run.

Today, CDC recommends covering your nose and mouth with a face mask/cloth cover when you venture out. Wearing cloth face coverings reduces the transmission of coronavirus via respiratory droplets. But, it has been a real challenge for many parents to make children wear cloth covers or face masks.

Should all children wear face masks?

CDC [Ref1] insists that children under the age of 2 years, should not wear a face mask, as that can result in troubled breathing and choking….

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