Science Says the Best Anti-Aging Product May Be More Children


Before having my little girl, I loved getting dressed up, doing a full face of makeup, I slapped on at least two face masks a week and prioritized plenty of pampering time. These days I’m putting in effort when I change from my “at home” leggings to my “fancy” leggings. My priorities have changed, but I still want to feel good, and being really honest, I sometimes get a shock when I pass an unexpected mirror. Who is this woman? She looks a little different than who I remember from those hazy pre-baby days. I don’t have the time anymore to commit to my beauty regime like I used to. But what if having another baby (or many more) could actually help with anti-aging?

Can Having More Children Be the Fountain of Youth?

A study conducted in 2016 suggests that having more children might have anti-aging properties. The bags under my eyes beg to differ, but I was curious, so I…

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