Raising Compassionate and Kind Kids


Are you raising Kind Kids?

Have you ever noticed the inquisitiveness of a child, when they see needy and homeless people? They might not be able to see a school book right beside them, but they often spot people and even stray animals in need. Well, I have realized that multiple times. We might miss it out, but kids have an amazing power of observation.

To compliment, they have tender hearts and are always wanting to help. Mama, why is this child in such a desperate condition, don’t they have food to eat? Where are their toys? Where do they live? Why is this man wearing black glasses and is walking with a stick? 

I have answered these questions asked by my son and have tried to help people in need in the right ways. Children have this quality of being caring and kind innately. Today, this beautiful attribute can get easily lost in the conundrum of achieving life’s goals, and hence…

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