Raising Anti-Racist Children – A Holistic Approach (with Kristen Coggins)


Transcript of “Raising Anti-Racist Children – A Holistic Approach (with Kristen Coggins)”

Hi, this is Janet Lansbury. Welcome to Unruffled. Today I have the privilege of speaking with a woman who really seems to embody this explosive movement in history we’re all experiencing. Krissy Coggins is a positive discipline educator who supports parents in the practice of intentional nurturing to promote positive relationships, and helps us all to be the parents we want to be. She’s also a busy mom, a respiratory therapist, and a Black woman. So there are a lot of very heavy, complicated things going on in Krissy’s world right now, but she has graciously found the time and space to share her perspective.

Janet Lansbury:  Hi, Krissy.

Kristen Coggins:  Hi. How are you, Janet?

Janet Lansbury:  I’m well. I’m so thankful that you wanted to do this. You’re one of the first…

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