Quarantined: Fun activities for kids to do at home


It ain’t easy for them too! I’m talking about kids, as they haven’t stepped outside, haven’t met their friends, missed all the park fun and the crazy school fun with fellow children. They get stressed, yes kids do get anxious. They too get frustrated, excited, worried, anxious, annoyed, just like us. They do feel the change but many times they “don’t have the right words to express” their emotions. We’ve been doing many activities together and believe me engaging kids in activities does keep their excitement alive. This is the reason, to list down fun activities for kids to do at home.

Kids’ will have mood swings, they might even have severe meltdowns. They might cry out their hearts or show their anxiousness by keeping mum. They might show their anger by throwing away things, countering your (wise)words, refusing to eat or show more behavioral changes. As a parent,…

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