Potty Training the Montessori Way


Potty Training the Montessori Way

Potty training can be one of the most challenging endeavors of your baby’s first few years. Rest assured, there are several methods and strategies out there to set you and your baby up for success! We decided to borrow some lessons from the Montessori philosophy and apply these lessons to potty training. While potty training the Montessori way may not be for everyone, many parents have used this method and loved it!

What is Montessori potty training?

According to the American Montessori Society, the Montessori philosophy is as follows: “Montessori is an education philosophy and practice that fosters rigorous, self-motivated growth for children and adolescents in all areas of their development, with a goal of nurturing each child’s natural desire for knowledge, understanding, and respect.”

What does this look like when applied to potty…

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