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Postpartum Expectations Versus Reality

Every new mom probably envisions herself swathed in a soft robe, snuggled up with her freshly-born baby. Beautiful and glowing, she smiles as she blissfully nurses or feeds a bottle to her beautiful pink-faced baby. These moments are precious, and they do exist, but it’s more the expectation than the reality of what the postpartum experience looks like. I spoke to pediatrician Harvey Karp, baby sleep wizard, and the author of the popular book The Happiest Baby on the Block, about how to manage postpartum expectations versus reality, including bonding, a lack of sleep, and handling all the new responsibilities of having a newborn.

Expectation Versus Reality: Postpartum

I will immediately “bond” with my baby.

Expectation: I will immediately feel a deep and abiding bond with my newborn. I will look into his/her eyes and feel a deep,…

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