“Please Pay Attention, Americans” Says This Mom From Italy


I am in Italy with my two youngest children while my older son is in college in the US and my truly grown and flown is working. 

When China started reporting cases of Corona I went about my day. I went to Italian class and marveled at how fast they were throwing hospitals up in Wuhan. Let that marinate for a minute. Throwing up entire hospitals in 8 days. That alone should have given the world a moment to sit up. 

Please pay attention to this mom in Italy (Photo by Mattia Bericchia on Unsplash)

Did we? No. We went about our day. Then we started hearing about cases in Milan and Veneto. (Veneto is kind of the equivalent to a state. My state.)

Still, we didn’t take anything serious. We started washing our hands more but still nothing out of the ordinary. Then they suspended school for a few days because our host nation did. We still went shopping, were planning trips, this was just a…

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