Pediatrician Goes Viral With Her “Back to School” Advice


We need more voices like that of Dr. Hope Seidel who is a pediatrician in Cary, North Carolina. She recently posted a video on her practice’s Facebook page in which she says that for the last few weeks she and her partners have been getting one question repeatedly from parents.

And that question is if schools reopen, that should I do, should I send my kid back to school?

Her answer is both soothing and empowering and it makes perfect sense. The answer is follow your gut. The answer is that no two families have exactly the same situation with their kids and their nuclear families, their living arrangements and their life circumstances. So we all have to do the best we can for ourselves and our loved ones with the information we currently have.

Dr. Seidel says that the only thing all of her callers share is fear, they are all fearful of making the wrong decision. So she says:


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