Pediatrician and Mom Says This is What Your Teens Can Expect at School This Fall


Feels like were are living in a profoundly paradoxical moment: at the start of summer, the most exciting prospect on the horizon is the hope of getting back to school. Of course, we know whom to thank for that: coronavirus. 

School appreciation is one of the brightest silver linings of living through a pandemic. Yes, remote learning has come a long way over the past few months, largely out of necessity. But it feels safe to say that now more than ever we all appreciate the importance of on-campus school life – not just the education that occurs in a classroom, but also the socialization, emotional support structures, physical skill-building, and for many, access to food and wifi that some cannot get at home. This is why educators, parents, and kids alike are clamoring to get back in the fall.

School won’t look the same this fall . (Twenty20 @trysomethingnew)

Unfortunately, this…

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