Parents, Now Is the Perfect Time to Extend Grace to Your Returning Students


I’m a teacher and a mother. I’m supposed to be enjoying my spring break. At home. Alone. My
kids are supposed to be in school. My husband should be teaching. They’re not. We’re all
home. Together. Am I bitter? A little. Time alone in my house to do whatever I want is a prized
commodity. But things change. We’re quarantined. It’s beyond my control. I will be fine. We will
be fine. I’d much rather have everyone here safe and healthy.

This time together has also been a lesson for me to remember practicing grace and forgiveness.
When you need advice as a parent of an infant or toddler or young child there are endless
books, blogs, and websites. As your children grow and become teenagers and young adults,
there seems to be less community for you to turn to. This thought that it gets easier as they get
older isn’t true. It doesn’t get easier. It just gets different. Sleepless…

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