Parents Demonstrating Warmth Reduce Conflict With Teens


A new study by the Yale Child Study Center shows that parents can reduce the effects of inevitable conflict with their teens by demonstrating emotional warmth. Parental displays of emotional love can make a difference in that parent’s relationship with their teens, even in the course of a single day.

A new study from Yale is the first to report on how teens feel loved. (Twenty20 @brightideasfl)

The more parents expressed affection, the more loved teens felt

The study, “When do adolescents feel loved? A daily within-person study of parent–adolescent relations.” published in the journal Emotion, is the first to explore fluctuations on how loved teens feel on a daily basis. The researchers, John Coffey (Yale University and Sewanee: The University of the South), Mengya Xia (University of Alabama), and Greg Fosco (Pennsylvania State University) were able to connect daily fluctuations…

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