Parenting In the Age of Coronavirus, What Can Parents Do?


Change and turmoil seem to be one of the few constants when you are parenting teens and young adults.  We deal with and love them through their lightning-quick changes in emotions, their surging hormones, their shifting friendships and romantic relationships, and their mental health issues.

While supporting them with their emergence into adulthood, we often also are dealing with other life challenges, like extended family health struggles, career changes, and cultural shifts. And with deep sadness, we sometimes also must guide them through heartbreaks like divorce, deaths of loved ones, and natural disasters.

We all now are facing another monumental challenge and have begun to move into uncharted waters as parents. In uncertain times like these, there are steps we can take to help our kids best deal with the stresses and disruptions to their normal routines.

Here’s how you can…

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