Parenting in Anxious Times (with Susan Stiffelman, MFT)


In these rapidly changing, unsettling times, as families are hunkering down and lives are put on hold, Janet is joined by author and therapist Susan Stiffelman to answer a parent’s concerns about discussing current events with her 4-year old. She describes her daughter as inquisitive, sensitive, and a child who tends to ask a lot of questions, and she wants to be as honest as possible without alarming her. “I want to use language that is appropriate and that she can understand, but also have it in the back of my mind she tends to be anxious and worry about things.”

Transcript of “Parenting in Anxious Times (with Susan Stiffelman, MFT)”

Hi, this is Janet Lansbury. Welcome to Unruffled. Today I’m welcoming back a special guest, family therapist and parenting author, Susan Stiffelman, and she’s here to help me answer a question from a…

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