Pandemic Parenting – Will the Kids Be Okay Socially?


A parent shares understandable concerns about the effects of social distancing and isolation on her toddler’s social development. Janet replies with reassuring observations about how children develop social intelligence and offers 5 tips for nurturing social-emotional health through this difficult time.

Transcript of “Pandemic Parenting – Will the Kids Be Okay Socially?”

Hi, this is Janet Lansbury, welcome to Unruffled. Today, I’m responding to a question that I realized is actually the one I’ve received most since the pandemic began. It’s about our children’s social skills, their social intelligence. Is this being harmed by the isolation that we’ve all, or many of us, have had to deal with?

Okay, here’s the note I received on Instagram:

Hi, Janet. I’m reaching out to see if you’ve touched upon the current isolations our…

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