Our Teens Are Channeling Their Grandparents and It’s Lovely


Recently my daughter was scrolling through Pinterest, searching for something fun to bake, as so many of us have been doing recently. “Oooh, homemade Pop Tarts look really good,” she said, as she showed me the recipe’s photo. She began reading off the ingredient list as she peered into the pantry.

“What’s Crisco?” I heard her inquire, as my mind instantly flashed back to the big, blue-labeled tin with the slice of cherry pie on it that always sat in a low cabinet of our kitchen growing up, next to my Mom’s baking pans.

We dug out the Crisco for these. (via Marybeth Bock)

It struck me that she had no experience using shortening, an item that I’m fairly sure hasn’t been in our kitchen for a couple of decades. Admittedly, I am not even a semi-skilled pastry chef, and I guess I’ve done a decent job of trying to avoid trans fats in my home cooking.

My daughter had no idea…

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