Our Pets Are the Real Quarantine Winners


My now-back-at-home daughter and I have decided that during this unsettling time of quarantine, one of the best things for both our physical and mental health right now is to take our beloved family dog out on a long, daily walk or hike.

On our trek this morning, as we took in all the colorful spring wildflowers with an even greater appreciation, we passed quite a few other hikers out with their dogs on the trails, and we humans often found ourselves stopping for an extra minute, at a social yet safe distance, to let our dogs greet each other up close and personal, as dogs will do – with their noses happily sniffing and tails wildly wagging.

We mused at how wonderful it must be to be an animal right now, blissfully unaware of what is happening around the world and how human concerns are presently expanding, while our typical sphere of activity is shrinking inward.

My daughter and I…

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