One Way the Young and Healthy Can Help Our Elderly and Immunocompromised Neighbors


We’re all a bit freaked right now, and understandably so. It’s not like we’ve ever been through a pandemic that shuts down entire nations before. But those who are at high risk of poor outcomes if they get infected are particularly on edge. And we know that not everyone has people they can ask for help.

Our family has been trying to think of ways we can reach out to our neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic while still keeping our social distance. I have some friends who are setting up neighborhood Facebook groups and whatnot, which is awesome, but some people—especially the elderly—may not be on social media at all.

Help your neighbors. (Photo via Annie Reneau)

Since our family is young and healthy and able to socially isolate, that’s what we’re doing. But we are occasionally going out to the store (our shelves here have not been cleared out at this point), so we…

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