One Simple Thing Helped My Teenage Son Join Our Family


I never thought this outbreak would magnify typical teenage behavior in my sixteen-year-old son. However, my son still wanted nothing to do with me, his father, or his little sister (13) even as we were all ordered to stay home together.

Staying home together did not change my son’s behavior

It was just like before this crisis started.

“Want to go for a walk?” I ask him nightly.

“Nah,” he always responds, either from his room where he studies or watches YouTube videos or the living room where he plays Fortnite with his friends.

“Want to watch a movie with us?” I ask each Friday and Saturday night, as I settle in with my husband and thirteen-year-old.

“No, thanks,” he always replies.

A puzzle brought him back to his family

So imagine my surprise when a jigsaw puzzle, of all things, brought him to us.

As an adult, I haven’t had many interactions with jigsaw puzzles. I only…

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