One of the Hardest Lessons of Parenting a Teen is Learning to Butt Out


Parents of teens: Hello?

Hi there. Do me a favor and lean in to what I am about to say to you. I just learned something and I want to share it with you.

One of the hardest lessons for parents to learn – yes I said parents, not your teens – is the art of staying out of it. It is so hard to stay out of it but we must remind ourselves to butt out.

A hard lesson of parenting is learning to stay out of our teens’ business. (Twenty20 @Jess.xn)

It’s so hard to butt out of their business

Over the weekend I had to remind myself again and again and again with much angst and a nervous stomach to stay the crap out of their business. It went against every fiber of my maternal mama bear quality to not try and fix it for them. Under my breath, I’d whisper, just stay out of it. Don’t get involved. Let them figure it out. Butt out!

As parents, we’ve already traveled that teenage road full of…

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