OMG, Justin Trudeau is running a country and solo parenting three kids at the same time


And we thought we had it rough.

By now, many parents are learning just how hard it is to work from home while the kids are in the house, but hey, at least we don’t have the pressure of running an entire country during a global health crisis, right?

Justin Trudeau and his family have been in self-isolation for a little over a week now, but according to an article from Politico, the Prime Minister of Canada has been working from home while taking care of his three kids—all by himself! What?!

That’s right, because his wife Sophie has tested positive for COVID-19, Trudeau has been managing the needs of an entire country AND his three kids while she is stuck quarantined in a separate part of their house.

Luckily for him, though, his kids Hadrien, Ella-Grace and Xavier aren’t too young (they’re six, 11 and 12, respectively), so he probably isn’t…

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