Ode to My Parents on the Eve of Their 60th Wedding Anniversary


Two year ago, my mother sent me an email on her wedding anniversary with a picture attached of her China, four place settings, a Wedgewood pattern she didn’t select – she didn’t even remember registering – and subsequently didn’t use. Simpler times indeed.

But what struck me about her email was the message attached: “This is what we are doing on our anniversary! Two 19-year-olds received this beautiful China and didn’t know what to do with it! Any interest?”

Congratulations on 60 years together. (photo from Jackie Tricolli)

My parents are celebrating their 60th anniversary

Nineteen years old? Yikes! At the time, I had a 19-year-old, and he better not be thinking about getting married.

Evidently it was a purge day at their house, even though my dad can tend to be a mild hoarder, begrudgingly parting with his personal treasures. My mom’s real message, almost subliminal,…

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