October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


“Women CREATE more than breast cancer can ever destroy.” – Pink Ribbon Campaign, 2010

Breast cancer is serious and women in India still don’t take it seriously. Having said that, even males can get breast cancer.  In India, every 1 out of 22 woman gets breast cancer. It can happen to anyone … you, me, my friend, neighbour or an acquaintance.

Did you know: In 2018, 1,62,468 new cases and 87,090 deaths were reported for breast cancer in India Click To Tweet

Breast cancer has slowly replaced cervical cancer in India and is the most common cancer in women worldwide. Why it has suddenly increased is because of the lack of awareness. Most of the women avoid screening, in fact, it is synonymous to the word alien for them. Those who have developed cancer only realise when they are in stage 2B or beyond. On the contrary in the US, a routine mammography and screening help to detect breast cancer in stage 1 and 2, which further results in a better survival rate.

So we have to take a stand and rid of the attitude that “It cannot happen to me”.

October is Breast Awareness Month … and this month I am going to talk about breast cancer. Throughout the month I will share posts which will tell something about breast cancer. I shall start with

Here is an overview of how breast cancer affects women and men:

Source: Cancer Consult India

Do you have a personal story about breast cancer to share? Let me know I would be happy to share your story. #BreastCancer

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