Now More Than Ever I Really Miss My Old Married Life


I hung up the phone with my ex- husband over a month ago. For the first time in the four years since our divorce, I missed being married.

The feeling was visceral, I felt it to my core. I thought for sure it would pass–that it was just a flash running through my body because I was scared and trying to get through this kind of a situation as a single mother wasn’t something I ever thought I’d have to do.

For the first time since my divorce, I miss being married. (Twenty20 @kawamura)

I really miss being married right now

But the feeling is getting stronger and the longing to make a strong commitment to someone is stronger than it was in my twenties when the urge to get married was strong.

I really wish the feeling would pass.

I’m around my teenagers all day. We are spending lots of time together and connecting in a whole different way. That means so much to a mom who had three kids…

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