Nothing Makes Me Cry Like Looking at Old Pictures of My Teens


I have a picture of my daughter taped to the inside of my closet door. In that photo, she is 6 weeks old and we are wearing matching pink shirts. I remember exactly when it was taken— a hot July day right after I finished nursing her. My daughter had fallen asleep and my mom took the picture as I sat cradling her for two hours, mom and I speaking in hushed tones so as not to wake her.

When I look at the photo of my daughter as a baby, I remember her in that moment. (Twenty20 @darcyferrisphoto)

I put the picture inside my closet door on purpose. Every morning when I open my door to get dressed I stop and look at it. For some reason, I see it more because it’s behind a door and not right in front of me.

And for a moment, she is 6 weeks old again. I am holding her and can smell the top of her head. She fits in the crook of my arm so perfectly that I know she was made for me. I push…

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