NO EGGS! NO MILK! Easy Chocolate Crazy Cake Recipe (w/ video)



Crazy Cake goes by so many different names. You might know it as Wacky Cake or Chocolate Depression Cake. But no matter what you call it, one thing is certain — it’s delicious and always a hit!

This no egg chocolate cake recipe without milk is great for those dealing with allergies (and also great if you open the refrigerator and find out that you don’t have any eggs or the milk has gone bad)! If you’re looking for a dessert to take with you to a party or get-together, this crazy cake recipe should be on your list!

Scroll down for a printable recipe card or read on to get tips and learn how to make this delicious chocolate cake!


Crazy chocolate cake is so easy to make and only requires one bowl for mixing which makes cleanup easy!

The recipe is an old one and is sometimes called Depression Cake because it comes from the time of the Great Depression. I’ve even seen it…

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