Netflix Series “Never Have I Ever” Feels Like Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, and Breakfast Club Rolled Into One


Like the majority of people these days, I have been deep diving daily into Netflix like a hungry raccoon in a loaded garbage can, just looking for anything satisfying to watch to help pass my shelter in place time. Typically I shy away from anything that seems too teen centered, but like what happened when I stumbled upon the docu-series Cheer and instantly fell in love, the same thing happened last weekend when I decided to give Never Have I Ever a quick try.

The title alone had me hesitant at first, because what endearing qualities could a show named after an adult drinking game be able to give a middle aged woman? I’m also a bit beyond stereotypical coming of age stories at this point in my life (mostly because I’m currently living them up close and personal in my own home), but then I saw it was created and produced…

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