Names Will Be Called, Diplomas Awarded, and Social Distance Observed, Another Brilliant Idea


The are going to wear their robes and mortarboards, they are going to accept their diplomas and they are going to have a video, with every member of the class in turn, but no one will break the rules os social distancing that are protecting us all.

Clinton High School came up with an innovative way to celebrate Class of 2020 grads. (Twenty20 @mattmylesphoto)

Like so many high schools and colleges around the county, graduation looked like it was going to be sacrificed for the health of the community and while no one objected, seniors and their families were disappointed. So Clinton High School challenged itself to come up with a graduation that was “innovative and fitting” for the Class of 2020.

Every day on the school’s Facebook page they are honoring their seniors and by year end will have highlighted the entire class.

How exactly is Clinton High School in Clinton, Arkansas going…

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