N is for Nani #A2ZChallenge


A grandmother is a remarkable woman. She’s a wonderful combination of warmth and kindness, laughter and love.

Well, today we have the letter N. When I thought of what to write about, only one thing/ person popped up in my mind … N for NANI. Now don’t be quick to judge me. I love all four grandparents but Nani is the most special of them all.

When I arrived both Nani and Dadi were there to welcome me. Nani used to stay back in the hospital at night and during the day Dadi would be there. When I came home Dadi was there to take care of Mommy and me, but after she left, Nani took over the job of looking after the 3 of us (Mommy, Miss A and me).

I have seen Nani and Miss A together. They have a lot of fun. Together they read, write, paint, recite poems and sing songs. She even makes yummy food for her and is always ready to listen to her. She was the first one to tell Miss A…

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