My Teens Won’t Return To School In the Fall if We Have the Option for Online Learning, Instead


I know many parents have had it with online learning and I certainly get that. Many are hoping for a safe place for their kids to learn that is not their bedroom or the dining room table.

I am not a good teacher, and when my kids should be doing their school work and aren’t and when they choose to play video games rather than do work, I get pissy real fast. Trying to help my son with his 7th grade math was enough to make me snap many a pencil in half.

These past few months haven’t been a cake walk for me or for anyone. But, when school starts in the fall, if remote learning is an option, I’ll slog my way through it.

My teens want to continue online learning this fall. (Twenty20 @kayp)

The CDC has issued guidelines for returning to school

The Center for Disease Control recently released their guidelines for reopening schools safely in the fall stating that “Schools can determine,…

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