My Teens Are Thriving With Online Learning, and I’m So Thankful


I have no problem admitting I have three very average teenagers who have little interest in academics. Since they graduated elementary school and entered middle school and junior high it’s been a struggle in every way.

My kids are average students

They hate getting up early and have never been able to get breakfast sown before they leave for school at 7am. Homework is a constant battle and as they’ve gotten older they’ve started lying about how much work they actually have and when it’s due.

Academically, they’ve always done the bare minimum to get by and they live for vacation. Their father and I are constantly on them to get their work done. It’s actually a full time job.

While we understand that not every child learns the same way, and we don’t need our kids to be on the honor roll every quarter, we want them to do their best and to hand in work on time.

They are thriving…

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