My Son’s Turning 17 and Here is How Our Talks are Changing


My oldest son will be seventeen this year. He worked hard to purchase a car and with that comes some new-found freedoms. He’s not home as much as he was when he depended on me to drive him around.

It’s a given that he won’t be with me on most Friday and Saturday evenings. I’ve been replaced by friends.  And when he goes to the gym, he often stays longer and hangs out with his buddies chatting.

As his mom, it’s my job to have those “uncomfortable” talks with my son. (Twenty20 @klovestorun)

It’s my job to make sure my son stays safe

His safety and reminding him to do the right thing is at the forefront of my mind. I can’t be with him all the time and he needs to navigate his own way and become the kind of person he wants to be. I need to give him the space to do that.

But as his mom, it’s still my job to get in his head and have those sometimes uncomfortable…

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