My Son’s College Dealt a Crushing Blow, But I’m Doing What Moms Have Always Done


I blame the purchase of the XL twin sheets for setting off the COVID bomb that blew up my son’s college plans. We waited to make this symbolic purchase, not knowing whether his school would be online or in person. We hoped for the latter and were cautiously optimistic when he received his roommate assignment.

Another email explained the strict social distancing rules that would be enforced in the resident halls. We wondered how college students would abide by the “no gathering” and “constant mask-wearing” expectations.

My husband and I whispered about the worst-case scenario of sending our son across the country for college. What if he gets sick and we are unable to be with him? We made peace with it all and allowed ourselves to get excited about the next phase of our lives, and his.

We had allowed ourselves to get excited about our son’s freshman year of college. (Twenty20…

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