My Son Isn’t Going to College but at 18, It Will Be Time for Him to Leave


My oldest son will be a senior this fall. He’s already made the decision not to go to college– it’s not a fit for him right now. He’s certain of that. And I’m not going to push him. I always thought my kids would want to scurry off to attend a university like I did, but he feels it in his soul that it’s not for him.

After my son turns 18, it’s time for him to go out on his own. (Twenty20 @vinnikava)

My son is not going to college

And who am I to argue? Sure, I could force him, make him resent me and pile up debt at an alarming rate for something he doesn’t even want in his life, but I’ll skip that. He is free to change his mind whenever he wants and he knows he will have his parents support whether he stays with his current plan, or changes it up.


After he turns eighteen, we both know (because we’ve discussed it), it will be time for him to venture out on…

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