My Son Didn’t Think He Was Ready for College; Now He Knows He Is


A senior year is full of lasts. As my son started his, I told myself that I was going to absorb all the lasts this year like sunshine warming my face. I would shed some tears, but I didn’t want to grieve time passing. I wanted to celebrate the person my son has become. I thought this would mean being physically and mentally present in the moment for the last band concert, the last high school dance, and the last sprint across the finish line.

They brought graduation to my son, to all the graduates. (photo via Wendy Miller)

I didn’t think the lasts would simply not happen. I didn’t think that our lives and expectations would be completely dismantled but for the Class of 2020, too many lasts are forever lost. 

We didn’t realize that senior year would end like this

On our last day of living freely, before this virus began holding us hostage, we woke up to a surprising dust of…

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