My Son Born After 9/11Will Graduate in 2020: “A Hero’s Journey”


I was eleven weeks pregnant with my first child on 9/11. Each day, I drove from Brooklyn to a middle school in Westchester where I taught seventh grade English, sometimes stopping to puke into a baggie along the way. My husband, Brett, and I were waiting until we passed that safety marker of twelve weeks to tell everyone about the baby, who I decided was a boy.

That morning, I made a quick phone call to Brett after the first tower was hit and before the phone system completely shut down: He was okay. I then spent the rest of the day assuring students that their parents – who worked on Wall Street or near Grand Central – were also fine. I didn’t know if they were fine, but I looked into panicked twelve-year-olds’ eyes and decided that, until we knew for certain otherwise, they were all safe. (And, luckily for our community, they were.)

The bridges and tunnels into New York…

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