My Mother – My Friend My Confidant #MothersDay – NatkhatZ


To the world, you are a mother. To our family, you are the world!

Mother … the word has so much weight to it, and since it is Mother’s Day, I take this day to thank my mother (probably I have never thanked her enough).

My mother is a pillar of strength for me. She is my person since I call her when I am low, I call her when I am happy, I call her when I want to talk to someone I call her … practically anytime anywhere. I call her a warrior and yes she is pretty strong. The reason behind this is that she kicked the dreaded C right in the butt. She has faced the cruel radiation and chemo sessions but always walked out smiling. She never complained of the agony she was going through and she stood strong … in turn, we stood strong!

She is full of adventure and has passed the same to us. She tries to seek happiness in small things and loves to work her magic to create…

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