My Goal is to Raise Independent Adults


As a professional therapist and a mom, I am not always able to keep my hats separate. In my mind, other moms come home from work, take off their accountant or teacher hat, and put on their mom hat. For me, the boundaries are muddier.

My teen daughters frequently say, “Don’t analyze me!” My husband often laments, “You’re the expert here. What do we do?” I, like you, am learning as I go. Each new developmental stage brings a new challenge to my parenting skill set. I can be found most days reminding my daughters that I am saving money for college, weddings, and the adult therapy they will inevitably need after they survive my parenting.

I want my children to grow up to be independent adults. (Twenty20 @svetlaya)

My goal as a mom is to raise independent adults

As a mom, my single and most important goal has always been to raise independent humans who are able…

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