My Friend and I Walk Just Enough to Raise Our Heart Rates and Soothe Our Souls


I walk with my friend every day.

We walk just enough to raise our heart rates and soothe our souls. 

We walk just enough to vent the accumulated bile and open the valve on our frustrations so that we can put on a happier face at home.

There is so little going on but so much to talk about.

We walk to soothe our souls. (Unsplash @thoughtcatalog)

We walk because the uncertainty and push/pull of these days is exhausting.

We walk because we love our families, but they leave an enormous mess in their wake; glasses and dishes are everywhere, sticky counters, and more laundry and trash than is humanly comprehensible. 

We walk because the opportunities that our adult children are not having are a palpable absence. 

We walk because we don’t mind the multitude of care-taking chores, but sometimes a hat tip or nod of appreciation would be nice. Sometimes just an “I see what you’re doing” would…

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