My Family Has Not Become Closer During Isolation, That’s Okay


My family has not become closer while isolating and that, my friends, is just fine. 

I know there are a lot of families out there who are having amazing game nights, doing TikToks (okay, that kind of looks like fun), cooking meals that are Instagram worthy and getting everything done around the house that does not otherwise get done. For some families, and some teens and young adults, this will be a defining moment, one during which lifelong memories will be created and closeness will be forged. 

I am okay with that. 

We are not closer as a family during the quarantine, we are just trying to stay healthy. (Shutterstock)

My family is not creating amazing memories during quarantine

But, that is not my family. Sure, we are trying to get work done here. The student is in school and seems to be listening to some lectures. But, honestly meals are not great, they happen at any time, often not…

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