My Family Depends on Me Emotionally:10 Ways I Can Stay Strong for Them


I have always accepted my role as the emotional head of household. I am the steward of the secrets, the shoulder to lean on and the back upon which the weight of my family rested.

With three children, it was unlikely that more than one would need true counsel at any given time. The needs ebbed and flowed and I stood steady at the shoreline and kept everyone afloat.

I’ve always kept everyone afloat. (Maureen Stiles)

Responding to everyone’s needs was easy until now

This was all very manageable until the outbreak. Suddenly, each family member needed attention simultaneously with life-altering issues. No one was in immediate danger, of course, but big topics like jobs, school and finances needed to be addressed.

And in that moment, the burden of being caretaker was a tsunami barreling toward me; seemingly with no retreat.

I stared at the murky horizon and had no answers. We were all…

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