My Empty Nest Is Unexpectedly Full


As of yesterday, my nest is once again — unexpectedly — full. And while I’ve spent the past year and a half lamenting its emptiness and wishing for more days where the four of us could cohabitate under the same roof, this isn’t right, and certainly doesn’t feel the way I thought it would.

I had been searching for a time when we could all be together…but not like this. (Twenty20 @Kristina_Monmoransi)

Last month I was trying to find a date for us to be together

As recently as a month ago I was trying like hell to strategize a plan where our family would be together for more than a weekend. I was desperate for time together where we weren’t living out of suitcases and having to eat out every meal. Frankly, I was sick of trying to corral everyone with their different schedules (oh, how naive that seems now).

I was looking ahead at the spring and summer months, hoping to find a…

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