My Child Needs Speech Therapy: What I Learned


My Child Needs Speech Therapy: What I Learned

I clearly remember the day we went to our son’s 15-month well-check appointment and brought up his limited speech and lack of pointing. I thought I was just being an over-worried, over-cautious mom. But instead, the pediatrician gave me a worried look and recommended we start the process of having him tested in order to try to find out the root of his speech issues.

That appointment was the beginning of a long journey for us. I started out knowing nothing about speech delays and immediately sought out more info online. But it was hard to find good info and to know what was really true and typical. So if you’re in a similar boat, this post is for you! I’m excited to share all that I learned along the way about speech delays, speech therapy, and everything you can do to help your child through this experience.

What You Should Know…

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