My Anxiety Was Suffocating But I Have Finally Adjusted


Two and a half weeks into my family’s decision to socially isolate and one day after our state’s “stay-at-home” order kicked in, I had to mow our yard. 

The anxiety I felt about this almost suffocated me.

The neighbors on both sides of our house had already mowed, and our grass was growing tall and uneven. It was a beautiful, early spring day with no reason to avoid mowing except for the fact that I was petrified to go to the gas station to fill up our gas can.

I finally overcame my anxiety with this outbreak. (Tomsickova Tatyana/Shutterstock)

I had to mow the lawn

My husband couldn’t do it. He had gone to see our daughter (nine months pregnant) and her husband early in March, right before the world as we knew it blew up. We didn’t think it was safe for him to fly home through Atlanta, so he stayed, several states away, waiting on the baby and working remotely. By the time my…

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