Moms Who Swear Are My People


Moms Who Swear Are My People

Some of my closest friends are the finest people you will ever meet. Like a casting call out of a Hallmark movie, they are an upstanding group of ladies who happen to be mothers. All of them work hard to help, heal, and serve: a professional organizer, a homemaker, a writer, a wellness coach, a therapist, a hospital chaplain, a children’s book illustrator, a teacher, a spiritual advisor, and a holistic healer. My friends are compassionate, loving, and talented women.

They all have one other thing in common. They swear like sailors. I’m not talking about a “dammit” here and a “helluva” there. Nope. These women curse like drunk merchant marines on Friday night leave. Their favorite word across the board? Rhymes with duck. There’s also mother ducker, for duck’s sake, what the duck, duck…

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