Moms May Get Most of the Glory But Here’s an Overdue Thank You to Dad


Thank you, Dad

“Moms get all the glory.”  — muttered by my husband, feeling underappreciated.

While he’s not often right, in this case I think my husband is correct. Moms are on the front line; we are often the ones who see the first smiles, who cheer the successes, who know the secrets. Plus, our kids are forever in our debt because we birthed them.

But with Father’s Day approaching, I’m thinking about the role of fathers. In particular, I’m thinking about my own father, and what he’s given me. He turned 90 this year, and it’s high time I thanked him.

My dad celebrated his 90th birthday this year. (Laura Peraino)

It’s time I thanked my dad

Thank you for providing for me financially.

That seems fairly obvious.  I grew up with a roof over my head and food on the table.  It wasn’t an extravagant existence, but there was money for necessities and also for extras like…

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