Moms are asking, “Should I leave my job during the pandemic?”


Instead of “leaning in,” we’re being forced to lean out—and I’m worried about what that means for our careers long-term. 

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit, I’ve been noticing a worrying trend among the women in my social circles: moms who were able to keep their jobs at the start of the shutdown are now dropping out of the workforce. Every time I log on to my neighbourhood Facebook groups, I see more and more posts from panicked women asking for advice on how to tender their resignation or request a leave of absence and apply for CERB (the Canada Emergency Response Benefit). Over Zoom cocktails and group chats, friends and colleagues in hetero relationships lament turning down work in order to focus on childcare while their male partners spend their workdays shut away in basement offices. These are women who, just two months ago, had…

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