Mama, You Say You’ll Miss Me But I’m Going to Miss You, Too


We’ve all seen a mom (or twenty) of a senior crying at their child’s graduation, their child’s last sporting/music/theatre event, their child’s first day of senior year, and every other last that comes with graduating. My mom has already warned me, as I head into my senior year, that she plans on being “one of those moms.”

She often justifies it by bringing up that I’m planning to go to college 8 hours away from home, so she’s allowed to be extremely emotional. She didn’t get this emotional when my sister graduated, but my sister stayed close to home, so this is different. She’s excited for me and with me, but she’s going to miss me.

Mama, you try to explain to me why you’re going to be sad, and why you should be allowed to be sad. But what I want you to know, is that I’m going to miss you too.

I want you to know that I’m going to miss you, too. (Twenty20…

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