Making a TikTok Video With My Daughter Was The Best Thing I Did Today


Today I made a TikTok video with my daughter

I wasn’t very good in it. I’m stiff, lacking her moves and finesse, and I’m about a half a beat behind her through the entire thing.

It was harder than I thought it would be and I had a terrible time learning the moves. I felt old. My daughter thought it was the funniest thing ever. She showed me the moves over and over, in an exaggerated, slowed-down fashion, and giggled at me every time I got it wrong for over an hour. She giggled at me for being so stiff. I giggled at her giggling at me. It was good to see genuine joy on her face.

It was really fun doing a TikTok with my daughter

And even though I’m not very good in the video, we are both smiling wide during it the entire time.

See, the thing is, she’s been obsessed with TikTok for a while…as many 13 year olds are. In the last year or so, she’s asked me to watch a thousand…

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