Life Without Memory, I Will Never Forget You Mom Even If You Forget Me


Interesting conversations are a distant memory. Thankfully, mom still remembers me. 

At 78, she woke up from hip surgery and her memory was shot. Her hip healed quickly. Her memory didn’t. Just like that, my mom had dementia and both of our realities changed.  

I waited for my “with it” mom to return as dementia set in

She fell in front of Bloomingdales running around the city with her boyfriend. If mom had to fall, in front of Bloomingdale’s is better than most places. Taken by ambulance after her fall, her hip was replaced a few days later. My sister and I kept waiting for her to get back to the sharp, “with it ” mom we knew. The mom who always had the right words and didn’t miss a beat. A mom who caught every clue and subtle innuendo all with an uncanny, almost psychic intuition. “It’s the pain medications,” we told each other. “It’s the shock to her…

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